We work with off the plan real estate in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. My clients often need advice on technology use in the real estate marketing landscape - you know the usual question around which email marketing tool I should use and what tool I use to manage my social media. I did a bit of research on what is available out there. The martech landscape in 2011 could be summarised in a picture with just about 100 logos. Now, there are close to 8000 tools out there, all trying to help you market yourself online. It’s all the more relevant for me as we at Kenekt have added to the landscape by launching our Warehouse tool.

How the marketing technology landscape grew in the last few years.: a look from an real estate marketeer:off the plan Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne
How the marketing technology landscape grew in the last few years.

It's amazing how it grew. And then it grew. And grew. And grew. And grew. And, yes, this year, it grew again.

Some growth in the space was expected. After all, marketing online is essential for all business today, especially in real estate marketing. But the extent of the growth is surprising. Also, the national martech landscape it inspired is huge. First, there was the Canadian marketing technology landscape, with 282 martech companies based in Canada. That was then followed by the Finnish marketing technology landscape, with 117 martech companies found in Finland. The Australian landscape is no less today. Below is a look at the landscape in APAC.

a look at the landscape in APAC: a off the plan Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne perspective.
A look at the landscape in APAC

“Increasingly, the major providers are evolving into true platforms — serving as stable foundations that allow more specialised software to be easily plugged into them,”: Scott Brinker marketing technology report. This reduces risk and cost for real estate marketing businesses to augment their marketing stacks with long-tail tools that best serve their particular needs.

As a result, instead of choosing between a suite from a single vendor or a best-of-breed collection of products from multiple vendors, many marketers can take both a suite and best-of-breed approach to their marketing technology stack.

Commenting on the latest edition, Brinker described the distribution of marketing technology vendors as a “long tail”, with a small number of major providers, such as Adobe, Oracle, Marketo, Salesforce, IBM and HubSpot, followed by a trail of niche, vertical startups, innovators and specialists. Again, this year’s map suggests there are still plenty of products out there that are more glorified features than standalone suites, with more consolidation inevitable across the martech and adtech space.

Recently, Carlos Doughty launched the UK marketing technology landscape, with 417 martech companies based in the UK. He found 100 martech companies that weren’t on our global martech landscape.

Many other countries would have a strong showing — Brazil, France, Germany, India, Israel, Poland, Singapore, etc.

So what do we make of this phenomenon? There are regional markets for marketing technology solutions that hold their own against the large, global players in the industry. These global and local players will collide, but I don’t think it’s a guaranteed win for Goliath. “All politics is local,” they say. It’s possible that “Most marketing is local too.” Consider the highly local nature of marketing agencies for the past 50 years. Perhaps, we at Kenekt do have something to contribute after all!