A good digital marketing strategy is based on feedback from data. Feedback can be quantitative rather than qualitative. An example could be data on search volumes and trends, cause what good is a great design if no one can find your website.

One problem with feedback is that customers get put off by the extent of the data that repositories like Google and Facebook Analytics generate. What is important and what is not. It's really hard to tell for some.

Digital marketing strategy enabled by Simpler Data Views at Kenekt

At Kenekt, we have put in some effort to produce a simpler consolidated dashboard. Customers need not get overwhelmed by the complexity and the extent of the data in Google, Facebook Analytics etc. We hope these dashboards incite a love of data and quantitative feedback in you.

The data is voluminous, and thus cannot be put into 'just a 1-page consolidated dashboard'. We have aggregated data from tools including Google Search, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. We want to make it slightly more concise in the future.

Using OWOX to consolidate data from Ads platforms

We have used OWOX data aggregators to consolidate and pull data in Google Analytics. They have a good article on how it was achieved on another website, and I am reusing that diagram below. We are pulling in data to Google Analytics so that they can be displayed on Google Data Studio dashboards.

Data ingestion into Google improves digital marketing strategy
Fig 1: Data ingestion into Google Analytics and dashboard on Google Data Studio

Example from the dashboard

The below mentioned are a few pages from the dashboards. Click here to see our sample dashboard:

traffic overview improves digital marketing strategy
Fig 2: Traffic Overview
Data consolidated from Google Search
Fig 3: Data consolidated from Google Search Console
ROI on Google Adwords search data builds a digital marketing strategy
Fig 4: ROI on Google Adwords search data
Facebook data from campaigns
Fig 5: ROI on Facebook campaigns